What makes us different

Four Seasons Ventures is a London-based family office investment firm, seeking seed and growth equity investments on behalf of its partners.  Our partners have significant committed capital available to invest and are looking for exceptional UK and European business owners and entrepreneurs, who require investment and support to realise their ambitions.

We are different to many of the investors you may meet.  We are truly long-term in our perspective and expect our investment relationships to last as long as is required to realise these ambitions, be that five or ten years.  Naturally, we want to create value both for the entrepreneurs we invest in and our investors, but what also motivates us is seeing tangible, lasting results from our investments, helping to create a legacy that has a positive impact on the markets we operate in.

We place people at the centre of everything that we do.  Our role is to identify and nuture talent, both in individuals and across teams, to encourage brilliance where it is self-evident and to advise on best practice where it is lacking.  We place open, frank and regular communication with our management teams at the centre of everything we do. 


We tend to be sector agnostic when seeking investment opportunities preferring to focus on the market opportunity and quality of the management team. 

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  • Aspinal of London

    Aspinal of London is the quintessential English luxury lifestyle brand offering women's designer handbags & purses, men's wallets & luxury leather gifts

  • Difference

    "Many companies offering investment focus primarily on the financial aspects, forgetting that people with vision are what really make the difference"

  • Absolutely Couriers

    Absolutely is one of the largest London based express delivery companies in the UK.

  • People and Business

    “In a nutshell, we find people with great business opportunities, tailor investment to the opportunity and work together to achieve growth.”

  • Motivation

    “People, making products, providing services and creating successful businesses; these are the things that motivate us”

  • Pomanda

    Business valuation and intelligence tool, combined with a transaction platform for UK SMEs looking for growth funding or alternative finance

  • Chemistry

    “The chemistry between investors and the management team is crucial for success, given the inevitable ups-and-downs of a long-term investment"

  • DataCentre Dynamics

    DataCentre Dynamics, provides conferences, media and training globally for the ever-expanding data centre sector

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