Our model is simple

We find exceptional business leaders, running established businesses that require external investment to develop potential growth opportunities.

We typically invest up to £5 million on day one and focus on sectors that we can understand and where we can add value.  We have no magic formula and reserve the right to change our minds.

You will find that we are active, hands-on investors who like to get involved, especially between board meetings.

Straight talking and enthusiastic management teams


B2B and/or niche businesses


Brands with the potential for global reach


Sectors with strong recurring revenues


Markets ripe for consolidation

Many companies offering investment focus primarily on the financial aspects, forgetting that people with vision are what really make the difference.

In a nutshell, we find people with great business opportunities, tailor investment to the opportunity and work together to achieve growth.

Better to talk to interesting people with great ideas than restricting our vision to a particular industry or market niche.